Heather Smiley For President – ZEALnyc

"The play has the feel of a large ensemble cast but with only
a fraction of the actors, which makes it fun and intimate."

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Great Kills – Theater Pizzazz

"the bold naivete of a William H. Macy character"

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            – This Week In New York

"Robert Homeyer stars as Tim... a man uncomfortable in his own skin, believing that the world
owes him a whole lot more... an engrossing look at modern men and the American dream."

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           – NY Theater Now

"Robert Homeyer’s Tim is a quixotic and bellyaching man who drives the play’s
heartbreaking meltdown."

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An American Worker – Theater Pizzazz

"Frank, the Union rep for the steel workers played by Robert Homeyer, was a notably
strong character, especially when off to the side of the stage, obviously in negotiations
with management on behalf of the steel workers. His gestures were so convincing
 I would have certainly 'met him halfway'."

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I'll Say She Is – Curtain Up

"The ensemble is 19 members strong, and has plenty of vim and vaudeville kick."

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Three of a Kind with Two Wild Cards – Time Out New York

"Writer-director Robert Homeyer weaves four one-act plays into larger
investigation of human identity, resulting in an absurdist melodramedy."


                           – TheaterIsEasy

"Homeyer really captures the essence of interaction... there are twists present
in each act's plot, leading to regular chuckles and intakes of breath... Homeyer
reminds us that it is important to remember that we have the capability 
to evolve and better ourselves.. a great cerebral prodding."

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                           – StageBuddy.com

"The intimate and striking performance given by the cast of 'Three of a Kind,
With Two Wild Cards' is one that will have your heart pounding and thoughts
whirling... 'Three of a Kind, With Two Wild Cards' has something to offer 
everyone. Robert Homeyer reminds us that we are all connected in this
world and makes us think about human discovery: a theme not too 
uncommon in our own daily lives. Be kind to others, because
you never actually know what cards they've been dealt."

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                           – MyEntertainmentWorld.ca

"There are a number of plot twists and surprising relationships between the subjects of the four vignettes. In fact, the interrelation of the subjects is such an intriguing part of the plot that by the last scene I was trying to guess to whom each of the characters was linked and found myself hoping that certain characters would reappear... The piece entitled “Generically Speaking” is a highlight of the show... It is an interesting observational piece on the superficial nature of many of our social interactions – and it is pretty darn funny too... In addition to writing and directing the show, Robert Homeyer’s comedic portrayal of Roger in “Generically Speaking” was among the best performances of the night... 'Three of a Kind is a smartly written play'"

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The Accidental Hamlet – Travelanche

"High marks to these two gents... within ten minutes they'd won me over."



"The energy these two actors brought to the piece was astounding."


                                Hi! Drama

"'The Accidental Hamlet' is like the Bard's great tragedy written for
vaudeville comedy team... Homeyer and Ashkenasi
are a likable duo and their vehicle is agreeably silly."


Christopher Marlowe's Julius Caesar – NightLifeExchange.com

"Great Caesar's Ghost! Marlowe's is Magnificent!"

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Satan's Whore: Victoria Woodhull – NightLifeExchange.com

"Robert Homeyer is... stupendous in his sensitive-yet-vehement portrayal of Theo Tilton."

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Only Love Will Do – NightLifeExchange.com
"... in the role of The Cabbie, Robert Homeyer delivers a performance that is never anything less than astonishing; he's suitably dark, endlessly scruffy, deeply intellectual and not simply likable but provocative and heartfelt."

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Crossing Paths In Washington Square – ShowBusinessWeekly.com

"Homeyer is... quite charming as the silly Morrie."

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A Christmas Carol – NYClowntTheaterFestivalStanley.blogspot.com
"Bob Homeyer plays a wonderful Bob Cratchit... Homeyer... gave a perfect sense of living on the edge of survival for him and his family being so poor, because of Scrooges miserliness and the two of them brought a sense of those suffering times of Charles Dickens."

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